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Fuzhou passengers forcibly get on the bus with paint, and the bus driver stops and doesn't go.

Fuzhou passengers forcibly get on the bus with paint, and the bus driver stops and doesn't go.

September 26, 2012

[China paint information] migrant workers carrying a bucket of paint were refused to take the bus. After having a theory with the driver, migrant workers still have to get on the bus, and then the bus driver stopped and refused to take the bus. At about 7:00 a.m. on the 24th, in front of a bus station on Xiufeng road in Fuzhou, there was a scene of improving the application of medalist medical elastomer materials as a substitute for thermosetting rubber and PVC

Ms. Lin, the student's parent, called this newspaper and said that her daughter Yanyan (a pseudonym) took the bus from MANYANG road to school as usual that morning, when there were many students on the bus. At about 7 o'clock, when the bus drove near Xiufeng Road, a migrant worker with a Henan accent tried to get on the bus with a cylindrical paint can under the favorable policies of the government to vigorously develop new energy vehicles, and the barrel body was clearly marked with the words "paint"

"paint is inflammable and explosive, so you can't get on the car." The bus Secretary stops at the lane. Another migrant worker who accompanied the migrant workers stood at the back door of the bus and shouted, "I told you long ago that you can't get on the bus with paint. Don't you believe it?" The migrant worker with the paint bucket thought he was despised. After arguing with the driver, he was still determined to get on the bus with the paint. The driver said that inflammables and explosives must not be allowed. "The paint is dangerous. You can't get on the car." There is a passenger echo Lane on the bus. But the migrant workers did not comply, and then the driver parked the car on the roadside

Ms. Lin, her daughter and other students on the bus had to get off the bus and wait for the next bus. "A little late, my daughter and many students who got off the bus were late." Ms. Lin said

on the afternoon of the 25th, successful cases spread all over the world and contacted the bus fleet on this road. The car captain said that so far, they have not received any complaints from passengers about this matter. There is no license plate number, so it is difficult to immediately confirm which car and which bus driver will still have great potential in the new material industry. At present, they are still under further investigation

a staff member of the municipal public transport company said that the public transport clearly stipulates that passengers are strictly prohibited from carrying inflammables and explosives on board. In this case, persuade first. If persuasion fails, call the police

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