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Paste resin market continues to be stable

in July, the overall trend of domestic paste resin market is stable, and the supply and demand is relatively balanced. Except for the high price of some manufacturers, the mainstream ex factory price of paste resin continues to fluctuate around 9800 ~ 10300 yuan/ton

adverse factors such as high temperature, rainy (typhoon) and poor transportation in July have plagued downstream enterprises. Non professionals should not easily operate and debug equipment. Once the machine produces abnormal production and operation, some resin paste enterprises in the south are also affected to varying degrees. In addition, some paste resin manufacturers were affected by power outage maintenance and production expansion, resulting in a year-on-year decline in the production and sales of domestic paste resin in July

on June 18, Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of paste resin in China, completed the 20000 ton/year paste resin expansion project and successfully put into production. At present, the company's paste resin production capacity has been increased to 130000 tons/year. Some manufacturers expanded their production, which put great pressure on the future market, but most manufacturers took precautions in advance and actively responded, digesting some adverse factors. At the end of July, most manufacturers 6. Electronic tensile testing machines are divided into industries: Iron and steel metallurgy, construction materials, non-ferrous metals, high molecular materials industry, plastic rubber, wood-based panels, daily textiles, highway transportation, springs and elastomers, automobiles and motorcycles, wires and cables, paper packaging paper, film composite film, stainless steel plate and belt, thermal insulation material paste resin inventory is small, and some manufacturers even have no inventory

in July, the supply of calcium carbide became tight and the price rose, with an increase of 40 ~ 100 yuan/ton, which increased the cost of calcium carbide paste resin manufacturers

it is expected that the domestic paste resin market will continue to be stable in August, and the price will fluctuate in a narrow range. Main influencing factors: first, seasonal factors. August is a high-temperature and rainy season. The loading and control of the experimental force is completed by the load loading and maintaining system. Adverse factors such as poor transmission and power shortage will continue to plague downstream enterprises, and the downstream operating rate will be affected. Second, the EU raised the temporary anti-dumping duty on China's footwear again, which had an adverse impact on the downstream shoe leather industry of paste resin. Third, the sharp rise in the price of dioctyl ester has increased the production costs of downstream enterprises, affecting their demand for paste resins with more stringent conditions for most products. Fourth, Shanghai Tianyuan planned to conduct an annual inspection of 25000 T/a units in late August, with a maintenance period of 4-5 days. Fifth, the tight supply of calcium carbide and the rising price have restrained the decline of paste resin price to a certain extent. Sixth, at the end of July, the inventory of most manufacturers was not large, which was conducive to the short-term operation of the same industry and the overall stability of the market

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