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We know that whether the quality of the six overhead lines and the completion of the project are excellent and timely is related to the smooth convening of the first China International Import Expo with high efficiency. We promise to strengthen party building and provide strong ideological, political and organizational guarantees for the overhead line grounding project. We will urge the Communist Party members to inherit the red gene, strive to be the red pioneer, and strive to build the power overhead line grounding project of the China International Fair into a high-quality project. Three months ago, when Shanghai South Power Group just took over the grounding project of five lines including Beizhai Road, the leaders of the group made such a commitment

there is great effort behind a commitment

On May 22, 2018, Shinan electric power group engineering company officially began the construction of the overhead line into the ground. The project includes five lines: Tianshan West Road, Beizhai Road, Huqingping Road, Huaxiang Road and Shenchang road. A total of more than 170 kilometers of cables need to enter the ground, including 24 kilometers of pipes, 220 construction wells and more than a dozen cable trenches

the given construction period is 108 days, that is, three and a half months. These three and a half months are basically the hottest time in summer. Because the construction involves the residents around the company's current main production of Cast-rolled plates, and involves crossing the No. 71 bus line, mechanical excavation cannot be used

how can it be completed in three and a half months in such a short time and such a great difficulty? According to past experience, it is impossible to complete every project in a year

if you have conditions, you should also create conditions without conditions! The party and government workers of the group issued a call together

the project department has established the temporary Party branch of the China International Import Expo overhead line into the ground project, focusing on the idea of where the difficult project construction lies and where the role of Party building plays. The temporary Party branch focuses on the difficulties of the work, focuses on giving full play to the role of Party members, and requires party members to show their identity, be pioneers, and take the lead in heavy work

for a time, under the party flag at the construction site, every Party member is in the front of hardship and excellence

party members lead in the front to help resolve difficulties

high temperature and heat, typhoons and thunderstorms, residents' lack of support, and sometimes mechanical equipment can not be used. With the roaring sound of construction, difficulties come one after another

the construction needs to pass through the gate of some residential areas, and many residents do not understand the inconvenience caused by the construction, do not support it, and even surround and obstruct the construction. For this reason, the staff of the project department, especially the party members, went into the community again and again to visit the cadres of the housing committee and the personnel of the industry committee if they were damaged due to transportation. However, the employees were not seldom turned away, looked at their cold faces and received cold air. But they were not discouraged and said good things with a sorry face again and again. In one community, Wang Jinsong, an employee, went there more than 10 times

due to the construction of nine lines, the cable trench will cross the No. 71 medium volume bus line. Each construction can only be stopped from 11:00 at night to 4:30 in the morning. That construction is really like fighting on the battlefield, racing against time

I remember once when the steel plate on the drainage channel was laid, bus No. 71 roared past. The workers on the scene were all sweating

the most troublesome thing for the staff is that in order not to affect the residents and ensure the communication safety near Hongqiao Airport, mechanical excavation can not be used, but only manual operation

once, the cable tunnel had to pass through Yingbin third road. Because there was the communication optical cable of East China Air Traffic Control Bureau under the road, there could be no mistake. To ensure safety, workers can only excavate by hand. It's really hard for the workers. The road surface is 80 cm of concrete. They just endure the scorching sun and use air compressors to beat down little by little

there is no mountain that can't be moved

the party members' spirit of bravery and competition has become a powerful booster to resolve difficulties

stimulate the fighting spirit of young people, commandos came into being

the power of example produces infinite appeal! Looking up to Party members has become a conscious behavior of young people on the construction site. A youth commando should be born in Oklahoma

the youth commandos showed their anger

from the early site investigation to the later data archiving; From drawing the outline map of CAD engineering by oneself to dividing the key areas of the outline map; From the classified management of pipe laying and trenchless pipe laying to the branch construction plan of outgoing line for cable and other work, they all worked hard and quickly

the commandos Zhangfan had appendicitis attack on the construction site because of continuous white plus black and five plus two hard work. At first, he wanted to stand up, but in the end, it really hurt so much that he went to the hospital

Xue Yu, a commando, was extremely tired due to continuous fighting under high temperature. After being wet by a rainstorm, he developed herpes all over, and was diagnosed by the doctor as having a serious decline in immunity

the commando brought outstanding results

the project duration is expected to be shortened from the original plan of 5 months to 4 months; The wastage rate of waste materials has been reduced from 5% to 3%; The acceptance rate of all key points has reached 100%

the role of Party building is immeasurable! Looking back on the excellent results achieved by the project, the cadres and workers of Shinan power group said so

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