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Passion co casting track breakthrough, Mobil 1 takes you to visit the Austrian Red Bull team P room

passion co casting track breakthrough, Mobil 1 takes you to visit the Austrian Red Bull team P room

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April 11, 2017, Shanghai, China - recently, the 2017 formula one China Grand Prix was held in Shanghai, and the world's top teams and drivers were racing enthusiastically on the track. Austrian Red Bull Racing driver vistapan kept catching up from the 16th position at the beginning of the race, showing a spirit of winning beyond imagination. Finally, he won the podium with the excellent record of third place and won the best driver of the day; His teammate Ricardo followed closely, ranking fourth. The performance of the two drivers beyond imagination left a deep impression on Chinese fans

[Vesta pan drives F1 car and gallops on the track]

[Vesta sample holds the right pan to climb the podium with the third place record]

Formula One Championship ™ The rules of are constantly changing, challenging drivers' limits in various harsh environments, and the racing performance of each team has never stopped breaking through. As the technical partner of the Austrian Red Bull team, ExxonMobil provides the team with high-performance racing fuel and lubricants to escort the team

Mobil 1 ™ Lubricating oil helps reduce friction, improve fuel efficiency, and effectively cool and protect the engine under the harsh conditions of motor racing, contributing to continuous breakthroughs on the track

in order to ensure oil performance and continuous optimization, ExxonMobil has specially equipped engineers for the Austrian Red Bull team. Mr. Mike frost is a racing technical consultant of ExxonMobil and one of the main members of Austrian Red Bull team responsible for developing and monitoring fuels and lubricants

[Mike frost, technical consultant of Mobil 1 in red bull, Austria]

before and after every race and every time the driver pulls in, Mr. Mike frost continuously samples and analyzes the fuel and lubricating oil products used by the team to ensure that Mobil's fuel and lubricating oil not only meet the requirements of FIA, but also make the engine perform well. Mr. Mike frost pointed out that the Formula One Championship ™ In high-speed and high-temperature environment, the requirements for engine performance are very strict, and lubricating oil plays an important role; ExxonMobil has invested in advanced technology to develop high-level formulas to help the engine reach its peak performance on the track, and these high-end technology applications will also be put into passenger car lubricants in the near future, so that car owners can experience engine performance beyond imagination in daily driving

[Mobil engineers explain the process of oil sample analysis to drivers]

in the Grand Prix China leg, Mr. Mike frost also accompanied him to Shanghai to work closely with the team. In the future, Mobil 1 will continue to work with Austrian Red Bull team to make breakthroughs, create new track miracles and make its performance exceed imagination

[CO create track breakthroughs, let performance exceed imagination]

under the harsh environment of formula one track, Mobil 1 continues to lead technological innovation, provide excellent protection for the car engine, and extend the leading technology from the track to the road, helping the owners drive without worry and make the engine perform as new

About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the world's largest multinational oil and gas listed company, using technology and innovation to help meet the growing global energy demand. With industry-leading resource reserves, ExxonMobil is one of the world's largest integrated refiners, petroleum products distributors and chemical products manufacturers. For more information, please log in

about Mobil 1

as the world's leading fully synthetic engine lubricant, Mobil 1 has multiple anti wear technologies, which meet or exceed the standards of automobile manufacturers and industry standards, and still provide excellent engine wear protection even under severe conditions. Mobil 1's excellent low-temperature fluidity enables rapid engine protection at harsh temperatures, thereby optimizing engine performance and making the engine perform as new as ever

about Mobil 1 ™ Use in motor racing

motor racing is Mobil 1 ™ It provides a rigorous testing environment and helps improve our fuel and lubricating oil technology. Our leading product technology continues to help the car improve the overall output of the most comprehensive results every season. Mobil 1 ™ Fully synthetic lubricants have become the oil of choice for top teams in many high-level motor sports in the world. The technology and experience gained from these cooperation have enabled our scientists and engineers to make continuous breakthroughs in the development of cutting-edge technology

ExxonMobil has many proud partners, including Stewart Haas team of NASCAR Sprint Cup series, Porsche, Bentley and Toyota gazoo team of FIA World Endurance Championship, Corvette team and Porsche North America team of IMSA weathertech sports car championship, and many teams of Pirelli world challenge

while becoming NASCAR's official lubricant technology partner and official engine oil, Mobil 1 ™ Also Porsche Mobil 1 ™ The title sponsor of the Super Cup and the official oil of SCCA (American Racing Club). Mobil 1 ™ The lubricating oil technology of NASCAR has been trusted by more than half of the teams in the rock wool isolation belt by the super insulation system in the three series of NASCAR

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about Austrian Red Bull team

Austrian Red Bull team is the fourth world champion of the world formula one championship team. The team was founded in 2005 and won more than 50 sub station Championships after winning the first sub station championship in 2009. As a team of Red Bull energy drink company, Red Bull Austria has established its brand influence inside and outside the formula one grand prix. They are eager to compete and constantly pursue excellent performance, showing unique concepts and novel ways of interaction to racing sports and car fans. Austrian Red Bull team is committed to exploring and innovating at all levels of the team, so that people and dreams can fly high

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