The hottest paste food tubular packaging container

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Paste food tubular packaging container

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the nozzle of paste food tubular packaging container is fixed on the pipe shoulder. In the nozzle, the experimental data will not be recorded. At least one protrusion extending to the center of the nozzle is set on the lumen wall, and the protrusion occupies an appropriate space of the lumen volume in the nozzle. The number of protrusions distributed on the lumen wall in the orifice is about 2 to 8, and its radial protruding surface shape is fan arc or circular tooth, and the distribution is symmetric or asymmetric. When the sauce paste food in the tube recess is extruded, the cylindrical shape of the columnar sauce paste food extruded from the lumen in the tube orifice will appear due to the obstruction of protrusions, and the edge groove pattern will be developed from imitation skills to digital skills. Because the radial protruding surface end of the protrusion is provided with upper and lower axial or spiral guide ribs, the mechanical strength of the protrusion is enhanced, and the strip pattern can be guided to show a spiral and changeable stripe pattern, giving a new personalized feeling

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