The hottest patch resistance requires higher techn

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The higher the technological progress requires, the higher the resistance value of patch resistance

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first, tri Mack tested the mixed cladding samples and full laminate samples (establish a baseline) Strength of laminated samples bonded with industrial standard thermosetting film adhesive

nowadays, with the continuous progress of science and technology, various types of electronics have gradually become some advantages widely used in such industries. From the high-end science and technology industry, the precision of these patch resistance values is still very good. From the resistance values of different categories, there are still some differences in the scope of use, and it is crucial to master greater advantages in such functions and performance

the determination of patch resistance value is measured by using some precision instruments, which has better advantages in such a technology development industry. After grasping this basic obstacle to provide decision-making consulting value for the leading group, gradually from such a precision industry, it can better create such a technological advantage, which is trustworthy. It has created the greatest achievements and advantages in the science and technology industry

after mastering the most basic patch resistance value, it is still crucial to use it by classification. To create the latest market use advantage and technology, it is necessary to ask the professional personnel of the manufacturer to carry out the inspection requirements

source: Pingshang Technology

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