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Pure spotlight becomes a new choice for home lighting

"the house type is small, and using complex fancy chandeliers is easy to visually pull down the floor height." "The good-looking European chandelier is difficult to clean and take care of, which is more troublesome." "Ceiling lamp illumination is not enough, and you have to add a desk lamp to do fine work at night"... All the time, this newspaper has received numerous roast about chandeliers and ceiling lamps

in this regard, the designers suggested: "it is advisable to hand over the lighting of the living room, dining room, aisle and hallway to the spotlight, which is power-saving, easy to clean, easy to take care of, easy to maintain, long service life and sufficient brightness. If you use the spotlight skillfully, you will find that it has more advantages than a single lighting source such as a chandelier and ceiling lamp."

a spotlight can completely replace chandeliers and ceiling lamps

in the old-fashioned decoration of many families, spotlights are only the auxiliary light source of ceiling lamps or chandeliers, which are dazzling, high temperature, reflective, and useless decoration. "This is a misunderstanding of many owners about spotlights. Indeed, some old-fashioned decorative spotlights do not deal with the optical part well, causing trouble for users. But at present, many families have completely replaced chandeliers and ceiling lamps with modern designed spotlights, which has gradually become a trend."

the spotlight light has strong directivity, no lighting dead corner, and the light is downward, hiding the ceiling in the dark, which can visually improve the floor height. In the home shopping mall, we can see that there are also many choices for the luminous angle (beam angle) of the spotlight, including 15, 30, 45, 60. The small beam angle will show the spotlight effect, and the spotlight is hard, which is suitable for illuminating specific items, such as the decorations collected at home; There are also 120 and 180 options. If the beam angle is large, it will show astigmatism effect. Astigmatism is soft, which is mainly used for lighting

Philips Lighting salesperson told: "if reasonably matched and used, a group of spotlights can completely replace the traditional chandelier and ceiling lighting, with low price and good effect."

b how to choose the right spotlight

the common spotlight is led. Compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have higher photoelectric conversion rate and save more power under the same brightness. According to the calculation data, the power consumption of LED lamps is only 1/3-1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps, which is higher than that of incandescent lamps. Using LED lights, you can also design many beautiful shapes. Among the LED lamps, there is a cob lamp, which is not only more improved in technology than the traditional lamp, but also greatly improved in use experience. When looking closely, the bulb does not have sharp dazzling photoelectricity, but the light is uniform without ghosting

when purchasing spotlights, consumers need to personally experience whether there is glare after turning on the lights. Insiders said that the spotlight has strong directivity, and optical refraction may cause glare into the eyes, which is easy to be dazzling and dizzy after long-term use. If the lamp manufacturer handles the optical part well, glare can be avoided and it is convenient to turn on and off

in addition, poor quality LED lamps are prone to damage vision due to insufficient blue light filtering; High quality brand lamps and lanterns will indicate product parameters, including color temperature, luminous flux (brightness), color rendering index and luminous angle, which are very important indicators for consumers to choose and buy

in addition to LED lamps, halogen lamps can also be used as traditional spotlights. This is the mainstream product of spotlights in old-fashioned decoration. The luminous principle is similar to incandescent lamps, and it has high recognition among older owners. This kind of lamp has good color rendering and low price, and is still recognized by many consumers in the market

c there are many installation methods for spotlights

there are various installation methods for spotlights, and different indoor functional areas are suitable for different installation methods

surface mounted spotlights, that is, spotlights can be installed without ceiling. It is more suitable to install surface mounted spotlights at the entrance hall, at the top of the toilet corridor, and above the dining table

concealed hanging spotlight is to install the spotlight wiring in the ceiling. From the outside, the spotlight is directly embedded in the chandelier. This method is suitable for installation in the living room with high aesthetics. Mr. Wang, the construction master of Huayou decorative water circuit, said: "in the past, the ceiling was always more than 10 centimeters thick, eating a large part of the floor height. Many families were hesitant to make the ceiling. But now the ceiling of LED spotlight can be very thin, and cm can realize pure spotlight lighting. Therefore, young owners prefer this kind of spotlight installation method."

however, it should be noted that the spotlights installed behind the ceiling of the living room need to be evenly distributed, so that every corner of the room can be illuminated to provide a comprehensive solution to the packaging problems concerned by modern life, such as food packaging safety, e-commerce logistics packaging, convenient packaging, etc., unlike ceiling lamps and chandeliers, which make the room dark and dead

Philips spotlight salesperson told: "if it's a living room of more than 10 square meters, spotlights are enough to illuminate the whole room thoroughly. If it's a living room of more than 20 square meters, the number and location of spotlights can be arranged according to the size of the living room, which can achieve a satisfactory lighting effect."

if you don't plan to install the ceiling, you can choose the track spotlight to install the spotlight in the living room. The track can be conductive. The spotlight head can be buckled to the track to illuminate. The position of the lamp head can be changed on the lamp rail at will, which is convenient for repairing, disassembling and changing the lamp in the future. This kind of track spotlight is suitable for the living room, dining room, dining table, bar, writing desk and other areas that need additional key lighting. When installing, a conductive track is arranged along the gypsum line on both sides of the wall, which can not only play a lighting role, but also illuminate the tea table, side table, wall plants, decorations, etc. Walk a zigzag track in a functional area, and there is no dead corner for lighting. During installation, it is necessary to reserve the wire position in advance during the water and electricity transformation, and turn on the mixer to heat the medium evenly. The installation position of spotlight needs to be determined in advance to facilitate future construction

if the spotlight is modified in the living room of an old house, it can directly replace the ceiling lamp or chandelier. When installing, a spotlight with a base type multi lamp cap is installed at the interface of the original chandelier, which can be completely replaced. The spotlight can be directly inserted into the ceiling lamp position originally to deal with this contradiction, and the number of lamp caps can be adjusted at will according to the lighting needs. If you are refitting a spotlight in the bedroom of an old house, remember to shine the lamp head directly on the bedside or the end of the bed, and illuminate the space through reflection, so that the light is soft and not dazzling

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