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Recently, Shantui successfully signed an order with a company in Tibet for pavers and complete sets of double steel wheel equipment, realizing the successful sales of Shantui plateau pavement equipment

in this sales, many domestic mainstream manufacturers of road machinery competed fiercely, and the competition was intense. In response to customer needs, Shantui office worked with the agent company to develop a "housekeeper" service model and promised to send experienced service engineers to take charge of after-sales service to ensure the timeliness of equipment maintenance. At the same time, Shantui sincerely invites customers to visit the factory and inspect the production base of Shantui international business park and Chongwen Industrial Park. After fully understanding the absolute advantages of Shantui brand, product quality and manufacturing, "fuwenjuan, President of China Environmental Protection Foundation, said that the process and service support, the customer finally chose Shantui

it is reported that the road equipment that won the bid has been successfully delivered to the customer, and has made great achievements on the "roof of the world". Shantui srp90s paver is fully suitable for Ali site operation at an altitude of 4500 meters. Sr14d-3 will help the construction of Nyingchi highway at an altitude of 3000 meters. Shantui equipment has perfectly overcome various problems such as the difficulty of starting at high altitude on the plateau, and won the unanimous praise of customers with its high performance and high quality

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