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Model text of project construction bidding contract (mobilization advance payment bank guarantee)

mobilization advance payment bank guarantee to talk with him about the problems he encountered in the adaptability and performance of prosthetic limbs certificate



according to the provisions of clause 60.6 of the conditions of contract in the above contract, (hereinafter referred to as "the contractor") shall pay the owner a bank guarantee in the amount of in words as a guarantee for its performance in accordance with the terms of the contract

entrusted by the contractor, we, (bank or financial institution), not only as the guarantor, but also as the main person in charge, unconditionally and irrevocably agree to pay a guarantee of no more than (guaranteed amount) to the owner (name of the owner) after receiving the owner's request to recover the mobilization advance payment due to the Contractor's failure to perform the obligations specified in the above clause, And guarantee to the owner according to the above contract price. No matter whether we have any right of bad timing, or whether the owner first asks the contractor for metal components, it will be completely damaged, and the owner has the right to claim back all or part of the mobilization advance payment from the Contractor under the contract

we also agree that any modification of the contract terms, changes and supplements to the specifications or other contract documents between the owner and the contractor can in no way exempt us from our obligations under this guarantee. Therefore, there is no need to notify us of the above changes, supplements and amendments

this guarantee will take effect from the date of mobilization advance payment expenditure until the contractor recovers the full amount of the same amount

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