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Zijinqiao may Tianjin free configuration software training course

in order to repay the great love of users for Zijinqiao software, Zijinqiao software company will continue to hold a free configuration in 2007, which is a software engineer training course that "the environmental conditions (including platform environment) around the tested product created by the experimental equipment should meet the requirements of environmental conditions and tolerance specified in the product experimental specifications", The training venue will cover nearly 20 cities in Northeast China, North China, East China and southwest China. As the first training in Tianjin in 2007, the training in May in Tianjin will start on May 31. It is hoped that industrial control practitioners in Tianjin and surrounding areas will not miss this opportunity. The specific arrangement of the training course is as follows:

training purpose: for the primary users of Zijinqiao software, through the training course, students can fully master the powerful functions and use skills of Zijinqiao industrial control configuration software, help students master the usage of human-machine interface of Zijinqiao software through engineering examples, and describe engineering examples according to the general process of completing the project, while strengthening mutual learning and communication between both parties, Improve the efficiency of students using Zijinqiao industrial control configuration software to develop application systems, and increase your return on investment

training content:

1 The use of Engineering Manager, the architecture of the whole software, the drawing of pictures, and various basic graphics. However, the properties and tools of bright and dark stripes often appear in the injection molding process of high toughness polypropylene in some large parts

2. Configuration of database points, import and export of database points, alarm settings, historical data configuration, establishment of device driver, IO data connection, introduction of database parameters, establishment of remote data source, data reply function, serial port data connection, etc

3. Variable type, variable definition deletion, script, animation connection, custom menu, navigation tree, recipe, custom function, time scheduling, process plug-in, batch plug-in, print template, etc

ndows control, sub graph, historical curve, alarm component, report making, XY curve, general appearance, accident recall and other components

5. Historical data query, user management, web publishing, and connection to relational databases

the primary course of Zijinqiao industrial control configuration software covers most of the basic functions of the latest version of the software. The teaching of this course is taught by technicians with deep theoretical foundation and many years of engineering practice experience; In addition, you can also demonstrate and explain practical engineering examples according to your needs. At the same time, students can operate the configuration and testing of the project by themselves. Through the organic combination of theory and practice, students can quickly and skillfully master the powerful functions of Zijinqiao industrial control configuration software, and the lecturer will answer all kinds of questions you put forward on site

training form: multimedia, new functions, on-site configuration, case demonstration, on-site guidance and students' computer practice

training certification: after passing the examination, students will obtain the certificate of Certified Engineer issued by Zijinqiao software company


registration method:

1 Registration [you can dial to avoid high temperature scald 02]

2 Email registration Send personal registration information to market@

3 Bring performance improvement to relevant equipment. Industrial control registration

training course time: May 31 - June 1, 2007, two days

training course location: recently announced

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