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Push the Asian tower crane market to the limit

Guide: the strong sales momentum of tower cranes in the Asia Pacific region mostly comes from close cooperation with local manufacturers. Heinz gertkessel investigated the latest product developments. One of the sales hotspots of tower cranes is the Far East, of which China bears the brunt, whether it is imported products from Europe or domestic large

most of the strong sales momentum of tower cranes in the Asia Pacific region comes from close cooperation with local manufacturers. Heinz gertkessel investigated the latest product developments

one of the sales hotspots of tower cranes is far east 1. Whether the fixture of electronic universal testing machine is reasonably designed, China bears the brunt. Whether it is the products imported from Europe or the products of a large number of domestic manufacturers are very active. The favellefavco tower crane made in Australia has established its international reputation for decades, and other manufacturers in this region that have only recently been known to the outside world have quickly caught up and produced a large number of products with European design characteristics. In just a few years, the names of these manufacturers have become familiar with the names of traditional European manufacturers. They combine the technology of the original production license with the advanced new technology developed by themselves, especially in China, whose manufacturers have also become exporters

one of these Chinese manufacturers is Zhengzhou Kerun Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., which produces FZQ series boom tower cranes. In order to meet the needs of thermal power station construction, Zhengzhou Kerun has developed this boom series crane in addition to its popular DTQ series cranes. The track self-propelled DTQ series cranes need a walking path, and its length is the same as the combined length of its main and auxiliary boom. While the upward swing attached self-propelled FZQ series cranes are generally fixed, which can be attached to the power plant boiler room through three supports, and the height can exceed 100m. These jack up jib cranes are equipped with 50m main boom and 11x11m foundation, which is very suitable for crowded construction sites

the lifting torque of FZQ ranges from 1380 ~ 2400tm, and the maximum lifting capacity is 63 ~ 100t. In order to speed up the lifting speed of small loads, an auxiliary boom or an extension joint can be installed on the main boom, and the lifting capacity can reach 12.5t (fzq1380) or 16t (FZQ2000Z and FZQ2400) at a range of 54m

fzq2000z is a variant of the best-selling FZQ2000, which has the obvious characteristics of Japanese jack up cranes, such as the tower body made of round tubes and the addition of additional tower sections through slewing rings. Although the lower hinge point of the main boom on the turntable of the new series of cranes is still behind the slewing ring in order to reduce the minimum amplitude of the jib during operation, the tower body and climbing system are European style. According to the specification and size of the crane, two kinds of square section truss structure tower bodies are adopted, and the main chord and web members made of round pipes reduce the windward area

like the linden8000 Series in 1977, the connection system of the tower body adopts two semicircular flange structures fastened together by bolts. The tower body of the crane below fzq1650 is composed of 2.58x2.58m units. When assembled on the ground, the square section tower body of a 1650tm or larger crane is inserted from the front opening of the climbing frame. These cranes adopt a split machine platform, a fully enclosed and spacious electrical control room and a fixed counterweight, which speeds up assembly and facilitates maintenance. Due to the large lifting capacity, the height of the tower when it is freely erected is limited to less than 41m. When the crane is attached to the building for use, it needs to use a reinforced tower section. The foundation of the crane adopts U-shaped ballast, which is directly placed on the cross shaped fixed underframe, reducing the assembly time

Jilin Hydraulic Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large crane manufacturer with a history of 67 years. The first FZQ crane developed by it has many of the same design characteristics. The maximum lifting capacity of fzq1800 is 80t, the maximum amplitude is 50m, and the maximum amplitude of the lengthening arm is 54m. Different from the above cranes, this crane has a free standing height of 61.99m and can be installed with a walking chassis. An A-shaped support is installed at the root of the main boom of the crane platform to improve lateral stability. Totally enclosed electrical control room is installed on the side

it can be expected that the lifting capacity of FZQ series crane made in China will be improved in the near future. This series of crane 19. Melt mass activity rate: gb/t 3682 ⑵ 000 thermoplastic melt mass activity rate and melt volume activity rate measuring machine will become the standard tower crane for large industrial construction projects

follow the steps of predecessors

one of the largest enterprises in China's construction machinery industry, Sichuan construction machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (SCM), established in 1952, can produce 500 tower cranes a year, and now it has launched its first 1500tm giant horizontal boom tower crane

after two years of research, qtz1500 (m1500) has passed a series of tests by the national product quality supervision and inspection center. When the amplitude is 24.4m, the lifting capacity of qtz1500 is 63T, and when the amplitude is 80m, the lifting capacity can still reach 15t. The crane is installed on a gate seat with a width of 15m and a height of 6.5m. In China, the gate seat is usually used on self-propelled tower cranes in large construction sites, so that vehicles can pass under the gate seat

qtz1500 the maximum free height of the tower body is 101m under walking conditions, and the maximum hook height can reach 400m when attached to the building. All its drives adopt DC speed regulation and frequency conversion speed regulation technology, and the DC driven stepless speed change lifting mechanism has applied for a national patent. The logic control of the whole machine adopts PLC technology, and all instructions are digitized, which improves the safety and reliability. All data, including multi-functional lifting torque indication, can be displayed on the touch screen in the control room. Qtz1500 has the international advanced level in the same period. SCM hopes that this advanced high-performance tower crane can achieve good results in the domestic and foreign markets

in terms of boom tower cranes, SCM also expanded its series to a larger tonnage, and developed two models, D300 and D400, with counterweight follow-up system. The maximum lifting capacity of D400 is 20t, and the lifting capacity of arm end at 60m amplitude is 5T. The 8m counterweight rotation radius at the rear of the turntable makes qtd400 very suitable for operations in narrow construction sites. When installed on an 8x8m base, the lifting height when it stands freely reaches an amazing 51.53m. Similarly, its mechanisms are also driven by DC and frequency conversion technology

Shenyang Sanyo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (sym) is an important manufacturer in the field of construction machinery in China. SYM tower crane applied variable frequency speed regulation technology to all mechanisms of tower crane in 1999. Tower cranes have been exported to more than 60 countries. The maximum lifting capacity of m125/75 developed by the company is 50t, and the lifting capacity at 80m range is 7.5t. Unlike the lifting mechanism of Botan MD series, sym adopts an externally installed climbing frame, which can be inserted into the whole section of the tower body. The tower body is connected by self gravity center without welded joints. The free vertical height of 4x4m tower body is 91.2m

sym is equipped with the side control room of rainbow company, which is designed according to ergonomics. The curved front window looks very similar to the vision appearance of Botan, with beautiful appearance and comfortable riding. According to the specification of m125/75, it is a typical crane for skyscraper and power station construction

The latest product in the sym crane series is fl125/200 boom crane. Its lifting capacity is similar to Wolff's wk601409b, the largest up swing boom crane in Europe. The lifting capacity is 20t at 50m amplitude and 50t at 22.5m amplitude. When the section of the tower body is 3.4x3.4m, the maximum free running height installed on the 10x10m chassis is 54.2m. The fixed counterweight, split machine platform and moderate 11m tail turning radius further reflect the advanced level of the design

Fushun Yongmao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the third tower crane manufacturer in China that produces large tower cranes and is gaining international popularity. In particular, its st and STT series tower cranes combine the design concept of comansa flat head and the design characteristics of Botan tower head. Due to strong global demand and local equipment shortage, Yongmao tower crane has been sold not only in Asia, but also as far as Europe, the United States and Dubai. Yongmao's stt553 tower crane has been comparable to comansa21lc550 tower crane. The maximum lifting load of stt553 tower crane at 15.48m arm can reach 24t, which is especially suitable for the erection of steel structures

Another highlight of Yongmao is its flat head st80/75 tower crane, with a maximum arm length of 80m and a maximum lifting capacity of 50t. The design is similar to Botan's md900 4x4m tower body section is adopted, and the maximum free height is 91.3m

Yongmao tower crane has successfully entered the American market through Louis Equipment Co., Ltd. Stt293 tower crane with a boom end lifting load of 2.7t at a range of 74m appeared with the newly designed cab

Yongmao's stt293 is being used in Olympic construction sites with large top structures and limited balance arms. STT series tower crane can adjust arm length and balance arm length according to requirements

Yongmao also produces boom tower cranes. The maximum lifting capacity of stl203 tower crane is 12t, and it can lift 2.7t at a maximum radius of 50m. The balance arm and turntable can be divided into two parts to reduce the installation weight

roof mounted cranes

the unique demand for the construction of narrow sites and heavy steel structures in Japan has promoted the development of typical Japanese style self elevating boom cranes and roof mounted cranes. Considering the flexibility of lifting operation, the manufacturer Kitagawa combined the two market demands into one design and designed a 160tm boom crane. Connected with the climbing frame is the chassis running on the track. With the height of the building, the track can be directly placed on the floor, so that the crane can cover the whole floor. In order to simplify the installation on the construction site, the two supports on the chassis can be retracted to adapt to different gauge

when the first floor is completed, insert a traditional tower section through the turntable and connect it to the foundation section under the walking chassis. When the supporting beam of the foundation section extends out and is temporarily fixed on the floor, the whole crane, including the traveling chassis, is lifted together. After the first floor of the upper floor is completed, remove the tower body through the turntable of the crane, and reconnect the foundation section with the chassis. So the crane can travel

the lifting capacity of this crane is 16t at 10m range and 5T at 21m maximum range. In this way, a 160tm medium-sized crane can cover a large construction site, which can not only reduce the specification of the crane, but also reduce the number of cranes, thus reducing the installation cost

innovative application

Marr, a family crane leasing company in New South Wales, Australia, has created two new records in the tower crane leasing industry. In Sydney, the guys of unitedgroup used a marvellefavcom1280d tower crane of Marr to hoist a 230t reactor and a 125t fission tower in Caltex refinery, and a link belthc268 truck crane of Marr slipped away. These two lifting operations have created a precedent for tower cranes, and also opened up a new way for the already crowded heavy lifting operations in chemical plants

the installation is expected to take 3 days, but the actual lifting takes only 30 minutes, thanks to the heavy lifting mode of the lifting mechanism, with a single rope tension of 70t. The high control room can clearly see the situation of the whole working face. In the six months of this project

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