The hottest pure MDI market is becoming stable

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The pure MDI market is gradually stable

since September, the pure MDI market has tended to be stable. Influenced by the psychology of buying up but not buying down, most manufacturers only buy according to demand and have no intention of actively preparing goods, which makes it difficult for traders to ship; At the same time, affected by Hurricane Katrina, it is difficult for American goods to reach the Chinese market in the short term. In this case, the price decline of MDI is compressed, and the space for further decline is reduced. It is expected that the market price will remain stable in the second half of the month

from the domestic market, as of September 9, the MDI price in the domestic market was almost blank from most places; On the other hand, China's industrial development has rapidly increased in recent years, with prices ranging from 25400 to 26100 yuan/ton, of which southern China is between 25500 to 26000 yuan/ton when the stress exceeds the elastic limit; In East China, it is generally between 25400 and 26000 yuan/ton; In North China, there is an urgent need for the industry to correctly understand the misunderstanding of flame retardation between 5500 and 26000 yuan/ton; In Northeast China, it is about 25800 ~ 26100 yuan/ton; Southwest China is about 25700 yuan/ton

suppliers performed calmly in the international market. Affected by Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. market was traumatized, but the factories of suppliers in the United States were not greatly affected. Due to the full relief efforts in the United States, the transportation will be subject to certain restrictions, which makes it difficult for American goods to be transported to China in the near future. At present, the quotation in the external market is 2480 ~ 2650 US dollars/ton

in addition, the international crude oil price in the upstream market has fallen below $65/barrel, resulting in a slow downward trend in the price of pure benzene, the main raw material of MDI. As of September 9, the main port offer of pure benzene in South Korea was between 815 ~ 840 US dollars/ton (FOB), and the domestic mainstream price was between 7750 ~ 8000 yuan/ton. The decline in the price of upstream raw materials has eased the cost pressure on MDI manufacturers. From the downstream, at present, the sizing market has started, the sole stock solution is slowly beginning to recover, and the spandex market is also relatively stable. Although it is far from what people expect, it has been greatly improved compared with some time ago

from the current overall situation, the pure MDI market is as calm as water, there is no obvious sign of demand amplification, and there is little change in price. The wait-and-see mentality of downstream customers is very serious. However, due to the impact of hurricanes in the United States, a certain amount of social inventory will be consumed in the near future. Therefore, it is expected that the pure MDI market will tend to be stable in the second half of the month without major fluctuations

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