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Put forward four suggestions for the development of China's printing industry in the transition period

at present, China's printing industry is in the transition period, and the market is still dominated by domestic demand. So, how to better solve the problems in the development process? The following four suggestions can be referred to

First, speed up green printing and vigorously adjust the structure. Give full play to the leading role of the government in the implementation of green printing, actively expand the implementation scope of green printing, and make use of the market regulation mechanism to encourage enterprises to actively increase the investment in green environmental protection technology, improve the technical level, and improve the production environment under the guidance of strange and intangible forces, Change to a green printing enterprise, hire experts from relevant parties to form a national expert advisory committee on the development of new materials industry from the leading group, so as to promote the printing industry to eliminate backward production capacity and realize the adjustment of industrial structure

second, cultivate competitive backbone enterprises and enhance competitiveness. Create a good development environment for key printing enterprises above Designated Size, increase financial and policy support, and speed up the cultivation of national printing demonstration enterprises that can lead to complete the stretching or tightening experiment radiation of samples. Strengthen the planning and construction of printing industrial parks, and guide all regions to create distinctive and potential printing industrial parks according to their own characteristics and regional advantages

third, increase investment in innovation and transformation, and promote transformation and upgrading. Increase investment in innovation, and focus on the organization and implementation of digital printing and major digital printing projects and green environmental protection printing, and allow commercialization to flourish. Drive the R & D and transformation of printing equipment and technology with major projects, improve the overall technical level of the industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry

fourth, improve industry supervision and management and create a healthy environment. The competent government departments should further strengthen policy regulation and market supervision, improve relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement market access and exit policies, comprehensively use legal, administrative, economic, scientific and technological means to improve management efficiency, and create a fair and orderly competitive environment for the printing industry

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