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In pursuit of excellence, Siemens is optimistic about China's gas turbine market

various signs show that previously, due to the shortage of gas sources, it was trapped and there was no need to sample into the rubber material test step of China's gas generator tension tester, which developed slowly: the electric industry, began to be favored again

Siemens, a gas turbine giant, has long had an insight into this market opportunity and seized the competitive advantage. With its comprehensive gas turbine product portfolio, it is in a leading position in the world gas power plant market

the quietly rising gas-fired power generation

Siemens' energy business is in a leading position in the world gas-fired power plant market with its comprehensive combination of gas turbine products and solutions. In China, since the gas turbine bundling bidding in 2003, up to now, we have sold 44 E-type and F-type gas turbines together with our partner Shanghai Electric, which is also in a leading position in the Chinese market. Liu Xiang, senior sales manager of thermal power group in the energy business field of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., proudly told

since cooperating with Shanghai Electric in 2003, Siemens has always attached great importance to the Chinese gas turbine market. But a few years ago, due to gas shortage, some gas-fired power stations were cut off, which seriously hindered the development of China's gas turbine market. Since 2010, Liu Xiang has found that the situation has changed

in recent years, as people pay more attention to environmental protection such as air quality, and the natural gas supply has been alleviated by the west to East Gas Transmission and the expansion of imports, a wave of gas-fired power stations replacing coal-fired power stations has sprung up in some big cities, and the capital Beijing is one of the typical examples. It plans to transform four coal-fired power plants located in the CBD of Chaoyang District, Beijing Thermal Power Plant in Gaobeidian area, Shougang Shijingshan thermal power plant and Gaojing thermal power plant, and finally build four gas-fired thermal power centers. According to the latest news from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the four gas-fired thermal power centers will be completed by the end of 2013. Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou have similar ideas with Beijing

at the same time, the peak shaving pressure brought by the substantial increase in the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in China is also calling for the construction of more gas-fired power plants. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development and power stability of renewable energy power generation such as wind and solar energy in the future, the development of gas turbines and combined cycle peak shaving power stations is also an effective solution internationally. Liu Xiang added that especially the microstructure has been greatly improved

it is understood that SGTE and sgtf are the main gas turbine products sold by Siemens and its partner Shanghai Electric in China. Through the cooperation with Shanghai Electric, they have basically achieved localized production in China

among them, SGTE gas turbine is an extremely reliable gas turbine that can be used in single cycle or combined cycle. It can be applied to all load ranges, especially in peak load operation. As of July, 2012, a total of 343 units have been put into operation in the world, and the total accumulated equivalent operation hours has reached H. Sgtf gas turbine has the characteristics of high efficiency, low power consumption, long overhaul interval and easy maintenance. Optimizing the steam flow direction and cooling system can make this type of gas turbine achieve high efficiency in combined cycle power generation. Similarly, as of July 2012, this type of gas turbine has been put into operation in a total of 228 units worldwide, with a cumulative total of equivalent operation hours of H

Siemens gas turbines cover products from 4MW to 375mW in 50Hz and 60Hz power generation markets. In order to ensure the maximum investment safety and rapid profitability, our main technical focus is to develop more efficient, safer, more reliable and more environmentally friendly equipment. The main standards are efficiency, reliability, maintenance convenience and the lowest life cycle cost. Liu Xiang said

goal: more efficient

at a time when the price of natural gas is still high, efficiency is undoubtedly the most concerned, because higher efficiency means lower operating costs

Siemens has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of unit efficiency and is still striding towards higher goals

it is understood that the net efficiency of the world's most efficient coal-fired power station is 46.5%, while the efficiency of Siemens E-type gas turbine combined cycle is more than 52%, and the efficiency of F-type gas turbine combined cycle is more than 58.5%. The efficiency of its latest product sgth gas turbine combined cycle is more than 60%

Liu Xiang told that sgth is currently the leader of Siemens gas turbine, and its first unit has been put into commercial operation in July 2011. In fact, as early as 2004, Siemens has completed the research and development of this product. The prototype, the first product that passed a series of strict tests in 2007, has already left the factory. However, Siemens was not in a hurry to deliver the product. Instead, it tested and operated the prototype at irsching power plant in Bavaria, Germany, and strictly verified the product performance in the real power plant operating environment. It is in this home appliance factory that the unit achieved an ultra-high net efficiency of 60.75%, setting a world record

the first unit of each heavy-duty gas turbine product series produced by Siemens, that is, the prototype, will be verified in the power plant. For example, the first sgth has been verified in irsching power plant for 18 months. The purpose is to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. After confirming that this new gas turbine is 100% safe and reliable, it will be handed over to the owner. Although for Siemens, this has not only delayed the official launch time of products, but also caused a large number of relevant standards: cost expenditure, Siemens has always insisted on this, because we will not sacrifice tomorrow for short-term interests. Liu Xiang said

it is understood that in addition to prototypes, Siemens has received orders for 14 sgt5/h in the past two years, and advanced and solid technologies and products have been recognized by more and more customers. Perhaps it is precisely because of Siemens' culture and values of dedication to innovation, pursuit of excellence and courage that Siemens has been moving forward and leading for a century

in the pursuit of higher gas turbine efficiency, Siemens is still moving forward. On July 2, 2012, Siemens received a new order for sgth. Once the lausward power plant in Dusseldorf, Germany, is put into operation, a new world record will be born. It is estimated that the output of the unit will reach 595mw, and the net efficiency will exceed 61%. In the next step, Siemens is still working towards a high efficiency of 61.5%

the goal of China's 12th Five year energy plan is to develop efficient energy and reduce energy consumption. In our view, efficient, fast, flexible and environmental friendly gas steam combined cycle unit is one of the best answers to achieve this goal. We believe that gas turbines and combined cycle power plants will usher in great development opportunities; Moreover, we also firmly believe that Siemens and its partner Shanghai Electric, with their leading technologies, products and solutions, will create good market performance during this period and help optimize China's energy structure. Liu Xiang is full of confidence for the future

Siemens predicts that in 2030, China's installed power generation capacity will increase from more than 1billion kW at present to more than 2.6 billion kw, of which the share of gas and steam combined cycle power stations will also increase from 4% to 9%. Therefore, the installed capacity of such power stations will increase by more than 200million kW in the next 18 years

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