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Ziguang Xinhua 3's new HPE gen10 series servers ring through the "cloud" end

the data center in the era of digital economy is accelerating the integration to cloud computing, and users will face the hybrid it mode of coexistence of traditional architecture and cloud architecture. How can we not only have the advantage that the proprietary data center can fully control data and fully optimize key businesses, but also have the flexibility of cloud computing? How to effectively utilize the old and meet the needs of hybrid IT architecture? These have become the difficulties faced by many enterprises in it transformation

In the first three quarters of this year,

the new HPE gen10 series servers recently released by Xinhua III group (which is also a renewable resource, hereinafter referred to as Xinhua III) under Ziguang are the best choice to solve the pain point of data center represented by AK under the hybrid IT architecture. The new generation of servers has been greatly optimized in terms of performance and architecture. Its excellent performance in agility, security, quality and other aspects provides users with the data and services necessary to promote business development, and successfully realizes the transition and transformation of IT architecture

agile implementation of more flexible business drivers

hpe gen10 series servers support users to define data centers based on business needs rather than it status quo by providing application driven infrastructure services to users. The product has accurate business insight and flexibility to drive business, bringing users a new computing experience for load optimization and software definition

the unique OneView and ILO management tools simplify the operation and maintenance management of the data center. It can realize the unified management of the data center, batch deployment and update, intelligent fault resolution, as well as the deployment and management of the mobile terminal. It can realize the unified management of up to 10000 servers

security ensures that businesses are free from threats

with the evolution of IT architecture to public cloud and hybrid cloud, the security of servers and data has become the key

in view of the potential threat of malicious attacks on the server firmware, HPE gen10 series servers have created a trusted silicon root technology rooted in ILO dedicated chips, using tamper proof silicon-based fingerprints to establish a complete trust chain from hardware, firmware to software. In extreme cases, even if the system is maliciously attacked, the server can quickly recover to a healthy state to achieve the highest level of security protection

quality humanized design ensures reliability and stability.

the strong R & D system, unparalleled system design ability and stringent quality standards have cast the industry leader image of Xinhua III HPE series servers for 28 years

hpe gen10 server adopts tool free design and smart series technology to improve the ease of use and maintenance. What if the measurement data of the tensile testing machine is inaccurate? Sex; The product adopts 3D temperature display combined with intelligent dynamic adjustment to ensure the normal operation of the server at 45 ℃; The full redundancy architecture design can prevent single point of failure and effectively improve the reliability and stability of the system

with a deep understanding of users' pain points and accurate business insight, Xinhua 3 HPE gen10 series servers realize a more flexible business drive with agility, ensure that the business is free from threats with security, and ensure the continuous and stable operation of the business with quality. In the era of data transformation, with the advanced understanding of computing, through innovative technology and a complete data infrastructure to comply with the changes in it, the transformation of the data center is driven by a new computing experience

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