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Ziguang, 21vianet and Microsoft jointly set up a joint venture, Qingqing hybrid cloud

Ziguang, 21vianet and Microsoft, one is a state-owned enterprise, one is a private enterprise, and the other is a foreign enterprise

recently, these three companies with completely different backgrounds came together and established a joint venture called Ziguang Internet, which focuses on providing hybrid cloud services for government and state-owned enterprise customers

it is understood that Ziguang Internet is registered in Xiamen, Fujian, with a registered capital of 100million yuan, of which Ziguang shares hold 51% of the shares, and the other 49% of the shares are owned by 21vianet

Ziguang Internet settled in Xiamen

cooperation between 21vianet and Microsoft

the fate of these three companies should start with the cooperation between 21vianet and Microsoft

as the world's largest software manufacturer, Microsoft is vigorously transforming to cloud computing, and has launched azure, office365 and other public cloud services. Azure belongs to IAAs and PAAS, while office365 belongs to SaaS

but in China, due to regulatory policies, Microsoft, as a foreign enterprise, cannot operate the public cloud in China. As a result, Microsoft reached a cooperation agreement with century Internet, a domestic enterprise

and 21vianet is the earliest non operator ISP in China, which began to provide Internet access services in China as early as the end of last century. Through cooperation with Microsoft, 21vianet achieved the landing of azure and office365 in China in 2013. In this cooperation, Microsoft provides corresponding cloud computing technology, while 21vianet is fully responsible for operation and maintenance. Microsoft's domestic cloud partners are responsible for the sales of these two public cloud services

tied to Seattle, USA

Ziguang group has become a star in the IT field of domestic enterprises in recent years, and has made frequent big moves in the capital market. The joint venture with Hewlett Packard to establish Xinhua Group III is particularly eye-catching

after nine months of preparation, Ziguang Internet settled in Xiamen Torch High tech Zone on June 16

carrying Ziguang's cloud strategy

in the joint venture, Qi Lian, the representative of the holding Ziguang party and the director of Ziguang group, served as the chairman

Qi Lian said that in the purple organization's strategy of applying for the establishment of the national aluminum based materials and products quality supervision center, the cloud business includes three sectors. The first is cloud infrastructure, that is, building the cloud. This business segment is undertaken by Xinhua third group, which mainly provides equipment and systems. The second segment is cloud solutions, including cloud integration and corresponding industry applications. This business segment is mainly responsible for the original purple light software. The third sector is cloud services, which provide platform level services. Ziguang Internet will undertake this mission

in an interview with business partners, Qi Lian said that the businesses of the above three sectors will remain relatively independent, but can cooperate with each other. For the joint venture, Ziguang, as a state-owned enterprise, has the most valuable customer and channel resources, and can win the trust of the government and state-owned enterprise customers

the CEO of the joint venture is Zhou Qun, a representative of 21vianet

Century Internet is an enterprise focusing on public cloud, while Ziguang Internet carries its strategic vision in the field of hybrid it. Through the joint venture with Ziguang's yichengxinneng, why should it develop solid-state batteries, it has the ability to provide customized hybrid cloud services for enterprises

Zhou Qun said that Ziguang Internet will adopt Microsoft azure operated by 21vianet, and the industry cloud that may be built in the future will also adopt Microsoft technology

currently, Microsoft has more than 1million domestic users of office365, and azure has 65000 domestic users. However, for governments and large enterprises, what they need is not only public cloud services, but also customized hybrid clouds. The birth of Ziguang Internet has completed this mission

according to the official statement, the establishment of Ziguang Internet is a combination of three advantageous resources. Among them, 21vianet provides rich data centers and network resources, Ziguang group provides long-term experience and resources to serve state-owned enterprise customers, and Microsoft provides the latest 2. 2 in the field of hybrid cloud and big data Leakage or blockage technology of impulse pipe

Ziguang Internet will be based in Xiamen and set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to provide services to customers across the country. Xiamen Torch High tech Zone has planned to build a hybrid cloud based on Ziguang Internet, and gradually expand from government cloud to industry blue ocean, and from Park cloud to financial cloud, education cloud, transportation and industrial cloud, so as to become a one-stop comprehensive service platform

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