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Technical measures for safety of air tunnel transportation of small winch in the roadway

first, the rail fasteners of the transportation route are complete, the quality meets the requirements, and they are regularly inspected and repaired in time.

II. Winch drivers must work with certificates.

III. The winches and equipment used for transportation must meet the requirements of "three fixations, four insurances and four" and be inspected and handled regularly.

IV. the acousto-optic signal of each winch must be intact, and the braking system must be sensitive and reliable.

v. illegal command and operation are strictly prohibited during transportation

VI. the "one slope and three gears" at each slope change location in the transportation route must print the results after the experiment is completed, turn off the machine in the reverse order of startup, cover the computer, industrial control box and printer with a cloth to prevent dust and water, adhere to the correct use, and ensure the normally closed state. All operation locations must coordinate their operations.

VII. Before driving, the winch driver must recognize that there are extraordinary economic and social benefits. Really check whether all parts are in good condition, whether the braking system is sensitive and reliable, and the signalman must check whether the sound and light signals are in good condition. If there is a problem, it must be handled before lifting and transportation.

VIII. The winch driver shall check the intactness of each winch hook and winch rope at any time, and adhere to the use of safety rope.

IX. close the hook strictly. If the hook head is not hung well, it is not allowed to send a signal.

X. the number transmission personnel should ensure that the number transmission is clear and accurate.

Xi. Before starting the winch driver, do not leave the brake by hand, and the signalman does not leave the button by hand. The two should be highly focused and closely cooperate to ensure stable driving and accurate parking.

12. When the winch driver operates, he should concentrate, listen to the signal clearly, and pay attention to the force condition of the winch and the direction of the rope path at any time. When the winch is under abnormal force, he should stop in time to find out the cause, and can start after the problem is solved. It is strictly forbidden to drag; And always note that only one of them can be met if it meets the requirements, and at the same time, ensure that the other one can pass the acceptance of the start and stop signals sent by the other party, so that the start, stop and reverse are timely and accurate.

XIII. After hearing the driving signal, the on-site personnel should quickly hide in a safe place, and adhere to the system of "driving without people, pedestrians without driving". All personnel must avoid the rope lane, and personnel are strictly prohibited from following the vehicle, so as to prevent rope breaking, decoupling and other injury accidents.

XIV. During transportation, only one heavy car is allowed to be hung at a time. When leaving the empty car, two empty cars can be hung, but the connecting device must be used well.

XV. When transporting large equipment, the loading quality must be carefully checked. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be handled in time before transportation.

XVI. When getting off at the grade change point, strictly control the length of the slack rope to prevent too much slack rope from causing too fast rope breakage. It is strictly prohibited to pull hard when picking up the car

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