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Safety technical measures for welding of U-shaped support shed of auxiliary inclined shaft

I. safety technical measures for underground welding

1. Personnel participating in welding must be able to master the operating procedures of electric welding, work with certificates, and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the coal mine safety regulations

2. Electric welding equipment should be handled with care during transportation, and violent impact is strictly prohibited. When transporting oxygen and acetylene in inclined lanes, the two bottles should be placed in two cars and fixed properly

3. Before construction, carefully check whether the oxygen and acetylene pipelines and pressure reducing valves are in good condition, and whether they are qualified without air leakage. Each valve can be opened flexibly and closed tightly; The electric welding machine insulates the sub line well to prevent leakage

4. Acetylene cylinders must be equipped with protective covers and flashback stoppers

5. The ignition source used for gas welding is only allowed to be carried by the construction director or professional welding personnel, and other personnel are strictly prohibited to carry ignition items down the well

6. The welding site should ensure normal ventilation. If the ventilation is full, there will be enough oil leakage before welding

7. The person in charge of the construction must wear a portable gas meter. Before and during the welding operation, the gas inspector should carefully detect the gas concentration on the site. When the gas concentration is less than 0.5%, the welding can be carried out; Measures must be taken to strengthen on-site ventilation, and the operation can be carried out only when the gas concentration is lower than 0.5%; During the welding process, the gas detector must closely monitor the change of gas concentration at all times. If the gas concentration exceeds 0.5%, the welding operation must be stopped

8. During welding operation, operators should wear all kinds of protective articles, wear qualified insulating gloves, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

9. The welding site should be equipped with special and reliable sprinkler pipes, sufficiently long rubber hoses and fire shovels, no less than 0.2 cubic meters of fine sand, 2 sets of dry powder fire extinguishing equipment and supplies, because the raw materials of PP packing belt are recyclable materials, such as fire extinguishers

10. Before welding, the inflammables and explosives within 10 meters of the welding site shall be thoroughly cleaned, and the construction site shall be thoroughly watered during welding

11. The power supply of electric welding machine must be operated by a full-time electrician, and the power supply system must be strictly implemented. The welding machine voltage can produce high-quality biological material composites, which should be consistent with the power supply voltage

12. During welding, the distance between oxygen and acetylene cylinders must be greater than 5 meters, and the distance between the two cylinders and the open fire must be greater than 10 meters

13. Acetylene and oxygen cylinders shall be firmly fixed to prevent dumping during welding. It is strictly forbidden to lie down for operation. During electric welding, it is strictly forbidden to pull, pull and squeeze the gas circuit and welding handle sub wire, and damage the oxygen and acetylene meters, so as to prevent various accidents

14. The tools carried by the welding personnel shall be kept strictly and shall not be misplaced or lent to others

15. During the operation, there must be a specially assigned person to watch the mountain, and a specially assigned person to knock the side and top with a long handle tool, and ensure that the back road is unblocked to prevent gangue from falling and hurting people

16. During the welding process, the cable must be protected, and it is strictly forbidden to damage the cable and other objects. Contact with the winch driver during the work. No driving is allowed during the welding work

17. During the welding operation, blasting operation is prohibited in the head-on direction of the auxiliary inclined shaft excavation

18. After the completion of welding, all tools and equipment should be raised to the well, the site should be cleaned, and the site should be watered again to completely eliminate the kindling. Special personnel should be sent to inspect the site for 1 hour, and if abnormal conditions are found, they should be dealt with immediately, and they can leave after confirming that there is no problem

19. During the whole construction process, the security inspector and the tile inspector must supervise the on-site construction safety. The security inspector supervises the on-site construction safety, and the tile inspector supervises the on-site gas and ventilation

replace the traditional wire with aluminum as conductor and reinforced with steel

20. All construction personnel can construct only after learning this measure and signing it

21. Other matters not covered shall be implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations (2011 Edition) and relevant regulations

II. Participants study and sign

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