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Safety technical measures for Transporting Explosives by tramcar

in order to reduce the labor intensity of manually transporting explosives, the mine decided to use tramcar to transport explosives, and its specific safety technical measures have been widely used in various fields as follows:

1. Special vehicles must be used to transport explosives, and explosive vehicles are only allowed to transport explosives, and detonators are strictly prohibited. Soft cushions such as rubber or gunny bags shall be laid inside the special vehicle compartment

2. When storing explosive boxes in the mine car, the storage volume shall ensure a safe distance of at least 0.1M from the upper edge of the mine car; After the loading of explosives, the upper cover must be tightly covered and locked, and the key should be kept by the blaster who issued the explosives. It is strictly forbidden to mix it after running for a period of time

3. The amount of explosives transported by locomotive shall not exceed the amount of explosives to be sent on duty

4. Danger signs shall be installed at the front and rear of battery cars and trains when transporting explosives, and the speed of Transporting Explosives by locomotives shall not exceed 2 m/s in the drift

5. When transporting with overhead electric locomotive, the overhead line must be powered off when loading and unloading explosives

6. The vehicle loaded with explosives must be separated from the battery car by an empty car, and the separation length shall not be less than 3 meters

7. (2) the train with vernier caliper and explosives shall not transport other materials or tools at the same time

8. Explosive trucks must be escorted by blasters or specially trained full-time personnel

9. Sensitive and reliable signal devices must be provided in the roadway when vehicles hauled by winch wire rope are used to transport explosives in horizontal or inclined tunnels

10. Winch drivers and hook workers must be familiar with the operating procedures and work with certificates

11. When transporting in the inclined roadway, the coupler man and winch driver must carefully check the trailer condition when picking up the trailer, and the inspector will automatically pick up the signal after the inspection is correct

11. The speed of Transporting Explosives in the inclined roadway shall not exceed 1 m/s. flying cars are strictly prohibited

12. It is strictly forbidden for explosive vehicles to collide with other vehicles in the parking lot and the place of picking up trailers

14. The place for distributing explosives should be selected at a safe place away from the well bottom parking lot and the trailer; When explosives are delivered to the distribution place, full-time personnel must be arranged to distribute them. The explosives that have been distributed shall be put into non-metallic containers with pressure resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance and anti-static in time by blasters. Special personnel shall be assigned to distribute the explosives, adhere to the receiving and returning system, and ensure that the accounts are clear, and shall not be thrown around

15. The explosives transported by the explosive truck must be distributed on duty, and it is strictly prohibited to store them

16. Use battery cars, trains and inclined tunnels to transport explosives, including the whole process of issuing explosives, which must be escorted by the blaster or the team leader with the car, distributed and adjusted, and the experimental machine must be placed horizontally

17. Car following personnel, escort personnel and loading and unloading personnel should be trained and qualified before taking up their posts

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