Safety technical measures for transporting winches

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Safety technical measures for the winch transported by the tunneling team

due to the long-term shutdown of the mine, the DCS controller and the electrical drive system are installed with high-precision linear guide rail guidance and the interior of the cabinet, resulting in the disrepair of the winch at the entrance of the No. 21 air alley and the failure to work normally. According to the recent safety production needs of the mine, it is now decided to overhaul it. Specifically, the mine excavation team will organize personnel to transport the winch from the entrance of No. 21 air alley to the flat ground. In order to ensure safe construction, this safety technical measure is specially formulated

transportation path

II 1 air alley entrance - return air track downhill - Central Substation drift - auxiliary shaft track downhill - auxiliary shaft West platform - ground

pre construction preparations

1. Before construction, relevant electromechanical professionals shall disassemble it safely

2. Before construction, prepare flatbed trucks and corresponding tools for binding winches

III. construction organization

1. This operation requires 16 people to work, of which one deputy team leader is on duty to ensure safety

IV. safety measures

1. When transporting trolleys in the drift, it must ensure that the transportation personnel exert even force, do not work recklessly at risk, and must obey the command of the on-site team leader. The deputy team leader and the team leader should wear portable clothes to monitor the gas concentration at the operation site at any time

2. When loading, it is strictly forbidden to bump the winch against the flatbed truck or other irons to avoid open fire

3. When the winch passes through the downhill section of No. 21 air lane, special means of transportation (wooden plough and harrow) must be adopted. The column at the entrance of No. 21 air lane shall be drilled, and the rope shall be slowly loosened down by winding the column with a big rope. Special personnel shall be arranged side by side to observe, and no one shall stand under the downhill, and special personnel shall be assigned to watch

4. At the corner of the lane cart, there must be a specially assigned person to explore the way and ensure the safety in front before the cart passes

5. For inclined roadway transportation, the winch and flat car brake must be prohibited to ensure the safety of inclined roadway lifting

6. When lifting the inclined lane, we must adhere to the principle of "driving without people and pedestrians without driving"; Strictly check "one slope and three blocks"

7. The transportation personnel must be familiar with the roadway conditions

8. The road must be unblocked. If there are sundries blocking the road, it must be cleaned up and smooth before handling

9. When pedestrians or materials pass through the disrepair area of the roadway, they should first observe that the preparation principle of carbon dioxide transformed plastic is not difficult to deal with the hidden dangers before passing

10. When two or more people work together to lift materials, they should have a unified password and use force at the same time. When grasping materials by hand, be sure to grasp them firmly to avoid accidents caused by slipping

it's easy now

11. During transportation, pay attention to protect the winch cable to avoid cable damage

12. When transporting to the cage, check the safety facilities, and contact the mine dispatching room in advance (internal line 8000). After obtaining the consent of the mine dispatching personnel, push the cart into the tank and lift the cage

13. After the materials are transported to the designated ground, they must be placed at the designated place and unloaded safely

14. Other unaccomplished matters shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the three regulations

v. disaster avoidance route

fire and gas: No.21 fengxiangkou - return air track downhill - Central Substation drift - auxiliary shaft track downhill - auxiliary shaft - ground

flood: No.21 fengxiangkou - North Wing return air - auxiliary shaft - ground

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