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Safety technical measures for underground installation and commissioning of fully mechanized mining team

in order to ensure that the first set of fully mechanized mining equipment in our mine can operate normally and on schedule, our mine decided to conduct underground installation and commissioning and joint test run of 30101 fully mechanized mining face equipment. In order to ensure the safe and orderly development of underground installation and commissioning, this safety technical measure is specially formulated

II: the basic configuration of the commissioning equipment is as follows:

the rs20s hydraulic support produced by joy company of the United States is used for commissioning, 176 sets (2 transition frames, 7 end head frames, 167 intermediate frames) are arranged, the tail advance support, transfer machine, crusher, chute belt self-moving tail are all installed, and 300 meter chute (including head and tail) is laid. Lws733 briquette produced by joy company is used for commissioning. The equipment train is configured according to the actual production needs, Underground lighting system, working face drainage system

the support adopts double inlet and double return liquid supply mode. The main liquid inlet pipe of the working face adopts double DN50 high-pressure rubber pipe, the liquid return of the working face adopts double DN63 high-pressure rubber pipe, and the main liquid inlet and return pipes of the trough adopt double DN63 respectively

the pump station adopts four Leibo s375 emulsion pumps and three S300 high-pressure spray pumps. The emulsion pump has a rated flow of 430l/min and a rated pressure of 37.5mpa (375bar), and the spray pump has a rated flow of 517l/min and a rated pressure of 14.5mpa

III. main parameters of working face support and coal machine for commissioning:

main parameters of support:

installation and commissioning: from April 15, 2012 to June 1, 2012, the surface equipment will be installed in the well and the underground equipment will be jointly commissioned

2. The installation and commissioning contents are as follows:

1) underground installation of three machines, supports, coal machines, and advance supports at the tail of the machine

1) commissioning of the supporting conditions of coal machines, three machines, supports, and advance supports, whether there is interference, and observe the beam end distance

2) calibration method of single commissioning coal machine and haulage tension testing machine respectively 1 Correction of pneumatic value of tensile testing machine (tensile machine): after entering the computer program, open the correction interface to check the operation of each equipment, such as conveyor, transfer machine, crusher, emulsion pump station, spray pump station, shift transformer, combined switch, Jos, clean water filter, etc

3) joint commissioning of all equipment

5) through the underground installation and commissioning training team, get familiar with the equipment and lay a good foundation for future production and maintenance

VI. safety technical measures for underground installation and commissioning

1. Before underground installation and commissioning, use white paint to mark the installation center line of scraper conveyor, transfer machine, equipment train, operation area and transportation channel respectively, set warning lines around the operation area, and hang warning signs that "non staff are not allowed to enter"

2. All underground installation and commissioning work must be pre job trained by the service engineer of the equipment supplier, and the installation and commissioning work must be carried out under the guidance of the site

3. Before the underground installation and commissioning of fully mechanized mining equipment, targeted construction safety measures must be prepared and implemented and studied by all operators after approval

4. The underground installation and commissioning staff must work under the command of the shift leader and the service engineer. Reckless and blind work are strictly prohibited

5. The underground installation and commissioning personnel cooperate with the moving service center for installation every shift, and timely report the problems found in each shift to the shift leader, and timely summarize and report to the mechanical and electrical department

6. During installation and commissioning, no one except the designated staff shall enter the working face at will

7. When installing irregular shaped parts (such as shearer rocker arm, drum, transfer machine, self moving device, etc.), square wood must be used to cushion and level, and both sides of circular parts must be padded and leveled

9. When installing the rocker arm, drum and transfer head of the shearer, wooden cribs must be erected in advance for support. During the lifting process, personnel should stay away from the lifted object and adjust the direction with guide ropes

10. During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to directly contact the mobile equipment with hands or other parts of the body. Long handled tools or special tools must be used to move the equipment to prevent hand and foot contact

11. The installation of all equipment must be operated by special tools, and other tools are not allowed to be used for installation

12. Each operation team must count and store the tools and instruments used after the completion of the work on the same day, cut off and lock all electrical equipment, and clean up the sundries on the site

13. During the commissioning process, special personnel must be assigned to stop power transmission on site, and it is not allowed to be replaced by others. The power transmission system must be strictly implemented

14. The installation and commissioning site should be equipped with a sufficient number of rails for installation and standby

15. During the installation and commissioning, the electromechanical department will assign special personnel to coordinate and solve various problems in the commissioning every day

(II) process flow of underground commissioning

equipment train commissioning → pump station commissioning → support commissioning → transfer machine commissioning → crusher commissioning → scraper commissioning → coal machine commissioning → joint commissioning

(III) special measures for underground installation

⑴ scraper installation sequence: install the middle part of scraper conveyor (167 sections in the middle chute, shearer walking pin row, cable trough connecting plate) Lay the bottom chain → install the tail (after the installation of the shearer) → lay the upper chain → install the head of the scraper conveyor (after the installation of the transfer machine)

⑵ ship orderly according to the installation process and number

⑶ install the head frame and transition groove in turn according to the connection position of the end frame, transition frame and scraper head

⑷ first place and install the tail deflection groove according to the installation position painted in white paint in advance, and then connect the middle chute, tail, frame, head transition groove and head with the method of special operation vehicle connection

⑷ when installing, thread the steel wire rope pulling the bottom chain from the bottom chain path Φ 25.5mm。 The scraper chain starts from the tail deflection slot and passes through the bottom chain path and tail chain link of the middle slot in turn. The bottom chain is pulled to the chute with a special car, and the slot is reserved to the head transition slot

⑥ each chain segment of the conveyor corresponds to the left and right. The chain must be installed on the chute in strict accordance with the factory matched chain segment, and the steel wire rope required for pulling the bottom chain must be threaded well for each conveyor slot installed

⑺ when installing dumbbell pins in the frame connection, align the frame and align it before installing dumbbell pins. After the dumbbell pin is placed stably, put the chute into the frame and install the locating pin

(8) the frame and chute shall be installed section by section from bottom to top. When installing the chute, install the special slot for opening the skylight according to the design requirements

⑼ in the installation process, the position should be adjusted to make the chute straight, so as to facilitate the docking of the coal machine

, installation of the transfer machine

install the horseshoe frame according to the position marked with white paint in advance, determine the position of the transfer machine head, and install it according to the ground commissioning and installation sequence, which is more convenient for use and protection; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted: the head of the transfer machine → the bridge of the transfer machine → the landing area of the transfer machine → the tail of the transfer machine

2. First place the horseshoe in a proper position according to the design requirements, then assemble the head of the transfer machine with the horseshoe support part, and then assemble the bridge part and landing section of the transfer machine in sequence

3. When installing the cross side unloading at the tail, adjust the conveyor to the appropriate position in advance, and pass the conveyor chain pressure tester through

4. After installing the cross side unloading, transport the chain of the transfer machine to the head of the transport machine, and install the chain in place by using the method of reverse sliding of the special operation vehicle

4. The chain links must be connected in pairs. It is strictly forbidden to replace the bolts and pins at all parts, and all parts must be fastened. The installation direction of the scraper must be correct, and the chain link joints must be tightened 13 Power supply voltage: 220V solid, chain is strictly prohibited to cross

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