Safety technical measures for underground electric

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Safety technical measures for electric welding used under the mine

(1. It is automatically calculated by the microcomputer controller according to the experimental parameters and conditions set at the beginning of the experiment) within the range of 10m at the front and rear ends of the gas cutting workplace, it should be supported by non combustible materials, and there should be water supply pipelines, and special personnel should be responsible for watering. At least 2 fire extinguishers shall be provided at the working place

(2) when electric welding, gas welding and other work are carried out in the shaft and inclined roadway, non combustible material facilities must be used under the work place to receive sparks

(3) before work, the person in charge of the construction of the machine transportation team shall make all preparations before gas cutting and give unified command. All construction personnel must obey the command and no illegal operation is allowed

(4) before construction, the person in charge of construction shall ask for instructions from the dispatching room, and the construction can be carried out only with the consent of the dispatching room

(5) the person in charge shall arrange a special person to transport the tools used in gas cutting to the working place. The following work shall be done when transporting gas cutting tools: 1) it is strictly forbidden to use people and things in the same cage to break through metal and non-metal materials. New materials can be used to do standard experiments such as stretching, tightening, tearing, shearing, bursting, etc. with bottleneck materials; 2) It is strictly forbidden for oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders to go up and down the same cage; 3) Inform the winch driver to slow down when driving the gas cylinder up and down, and it is strictly forbidden to stop in an emergency; 4) Handle the gas cylinder with care

(6) before construction, the safety department will send security inspectors, ventilation team will send gas detectors, and rescue team will send rescue team members, carry fire extinguishers and fire buckets, and do a good job of supervision, supervision and rescue on site

(7) the above departments must arrive at the site before construction. If the above departments are not fully staffed and construction is not allowed, the dispatching room shall notify their departments, and the departments that do not arrive at the site shall be responsible for affecting the progress and time of the project

(8) before work, the tile inspector of the ventilation team shall measure the gas at the work site, and the gas concentration shall not exceed 0.5%. Only when it is checked and confirmed that there is no gas accumulation at the top of the roadway and behind the supporting backplane within 20m around the work site, can the electric welding operation be allowed. During the construction, the tile inspector shall measure the gas at the working place at any time. When the gas concentration reaches 0.5%, the operation shall be stopped immediately, and the welding slag and slag shall be quickly cooled with water

(9) the following work must be done during gas welding: each acetylene pipe must have an anti backfire device; The rubber pipe joints of oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders and the fasteners of valves shall be fastened and reliable, and there shall be no looseness, damage or air leakage; No oil is allowed on oxygen cylinders, accessories, rubber hoses and tools; The distance between acetylene cylinder and oxygen cylinder shall not be less than 10m; When opening the oxygen or acetylene valve, it is strictly prohibited to strike to prevent sparks; The rubber hose joint shall be tied tightly with fine iron wire; The distance between the operation fire source and the oxygen and acetylene cylinders shall not be less than 10m respectively

(10) after the completion of gas welding (cutting), the oxygen valve and acetylene valve should be closed in time. It is not allowed to put the oxygen pipe and acetylene pipe on the non combustible material with molten slag, and carefully check it. It is not allowed to lose all work and tools. After the work is completed, the work site should be watered again and special personnel should be sent to stay for 1 hour. If any abnormality is found, it should be handled immediately

(11) when electric welding and gas welding are carried out in mines with coal (rock) and gas outburst hazards, all work in the outburst hazard area must be stopped

(12) precautions: a. the cutting nozzle shall not be contaminated with grease and dirt, and the accessories shall not be bruised. B. The cutting nozzle must be pressed with a nut. It is not allowed to loosen or leak. The hole must be unblocked. C. The oxygen valve and acetylene valve should be sensitive and reliable. The oxygen pipe must be a smooth red rubber hose that can withstand 2MPa pressure, and the acetylene pipe must be a black or green rubber hose that can withstand 0.5MPa. The hose must have a certificate of conformity, otherwise it cannot be used. If the hose has air leakage, aging, bulging and deterioration, it cannot be used, and the hose length is generally meters. E. When the acetylene pipe is blocked, it is strictly forbidden to blow it out with oxygen or compressed air. In case of flashback, the oxygen valve should be closed first and then the acetylene valve. If the acetylene valve catches fire, the fire can be extinguished by bending the hose

(13) technical requirements: A: the weld should be smooth and flat, and slag inclusions, pores, cracks and other phenomena are not allowed. B: The cutting surface should be straight, and it is strictly forbidden to appear uneven. The supporting instruments of Jinan assaying impact testing machine mainly include impact testing machine, over limit and so on. C: The welding surface shall reach the specified strength

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