Safety technical measures for tunneling through th

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Safety technical measures for driving the return air roadway through the old roadway

1. Outline

on May 23, 2012, in the middle shift, 11002 return air roadway was driven into the moraine head, and an empty roadway was encountered 14m away from the opening point of the Trident. The Empty Roadway and 11002 return air roadway formed an oblique intersection, with an included angle of about 40 degrees. The rocks around the empty roadway were solid and broken, the top and lower sides crossed high and noble standards, and there was too much quicksand, which brought difficulties to the excavation task face. In order to ensure the safe construction, the following Enron construction technology measures were specially formulated, Hope to strictly perform

2. Organization and implementation of handling

1. Establish 1100 return air lane through empty Lane leading group

team leader: Liu Xueyao (deputy mine director of Enron)

deputy team leader: Tang chuan1 Temperature measurement range: 300 ° ~ +120, that is, the homogeneous core material must reach fire-resistant grade B1 0 ° Ming (Chief Engineer), Chen Shaoquan (Deputy Production Manager),

members: Wang Long (deputy director of Tongfang mine), Shen Yuanbing (chief of Technology Department), Tan Binglin (chief of Enron Department), shallow (chief of ventilation Department), Lu Yanxue (chief of Electrical Department) and other on-site managers of the whole mine

2. Responsibility implementation

① Liu Xueyao is responsible for the organization, implementation, instructions, urging, inspection and other ordinary tasks of management

② Tang Chuanming is responsible for patrolling, urging, checking and guiding the task point of Enron every day. Implement relevant measures and hidden danger investigation on the site of the task point, and deal with various achievements in the task point in time

③ Chen Shaoquan served as the construction staff to learn relevant Enron knowledge and Enron measures. Leave the master to patrol, urge, check and guide Enron tasks every day. Implement relevant measures and hidden danger investigation on site, and deal with various achievements in shift tasks in a timely manner

④ Shen volunteered to serve as the technical scheme, the formulation of Enron measures and the technical supervision, and supply relevant materials

⑤ Tan Binglin was responsible for checking the implementation of Enron at the scene

⑥. Shallow is responsible for strengthening the handling and implementation of "one ventilation and three prevention"

⑦. Members of the leading group must coordinate and discuss with each other, adopt effective methods to deal with relevant hidden dangers, and report and teach level by level or directly in case of special environment and achievements in the task. Don't look at the current boat, Dandy duty

3. Support style

1. Weight and support: take two 4m No. 9 I-steel as the front detection beam, install it on the top, and lay thick wood above it

2. Permanent support: excavation support style No. 11 miner steel rule trapezoidal support, with a net section of 6.05m ⊃;, The upper clear width is 2.3m, the lower clear width is 3.2m, and the clear height is 2.2m. It is strictly forbidden to descend and excavate over the width

4. Construction style

1. Use the wind to drive East-West rock fall or expand

2. If there is a large block of surrounding rock that cannot be broken manually, the blasting vibration fracture method shall be adopted

5. Enron technical measures for passing through empty lanes

(I). According to the design requirements of project quality, No. 11 I-steel is used as the support data for permanent support. Hard miscellaneous wood with a diameter of no less than 50mm shall be used as the support between frames and boxes, with four supports for one shed. The position of the support shall be placed according to the design position. The reference specification of trapezoidal oil: specific gravity: 0.86-0.97. The support requires that the legs and beams should be joined together, and the pit wood with a diameter of no less than 100mm should be used as the data for the top connection of the back side. The top connection requires that the company has produced about 5000 square meters of innovative composite materials for the automotive industry, electrical and sports industries. The sides should be tightly twisted with rows, and the top and two sides of the shed should be evenly paved with wood. When erecting boron support, the forward tilt and backward tilt shall not exceed 60mm, the step shall not exceed 100mm, and the boron distance is 500mm. 2. It is strictly forbidden to leave the top empty. The front detection beam shall be used for confrontation. Four 1.5m long 0.05m thick planks shall be paved above the beam head, and the front detection right and support shall not go out of 0.5m

3. It must be used after each I-beam Ф 5cm logs of not less than 1.50M are driven to the top and the upper 30 to the old lane to control the leakage of soft sand

4. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of middle and waist lines and project quality, otherwise it will not be accepted and will be reworked

(II). Enron technical measures for tunneling through goaf (empty Lane)

1. The team leader and team leader should give instructions and supervision on site. Each shift must strictly implement the shift handover system, and the next shift must be clear about the task surface environment

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